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SEERRIN – South East Europe Rail Research and Innovations Network Founded

Railway Cluster for Southeastern Europe, Belgrade Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Zagreb Faculty of Transport Sciences and Birmingham Center for Railway Research and Education of Birmingham University founded a South East Europe Railway Research and Innovation Network, (SEERRIN).

SEERRIN has become an international platform for cooperation open for joining of other interested companies, faculties and organizations from the Southeast Europe region.

Founding of SEERRIN is a new phase in the development of railway industry in Southeastern Europe. After 20 years of transition, in which the national railways and supplier industry underwent the process of restructuring, and many new, young companies were founded throughout the region, the time has come to increase knowledge and introduce new technologies.

That is why BCRRE, as one of the world’s leading institutions in the field became a long-term strategic partner with whom we will work on increasing the capacity of human resources in all fields important for the development of railways in the region. Cooperation with BCRRE, which includes UK’s largest railway cluster Rail Alliance, serves to improve development of new and advanced railway projects, to increase the scope of research in the region and to enable companies and universities to network better in order to develop and promote innovative solutions.

Forming SEERRIN is of special importance for manufacturing and innovative companies in the region, as the partnership and contacts with University of Birmingham, BCRRE and Rail Alliance, that have their centers and engineering schools in several continents open new channel for cooperation with a number of UK and global companies, which will lead to the increase of placement of products and innovative solutions on international markets. These activities have already began in practice, as UK partners, during the negotiations for formation of SEERRIN, connected several RCSEE members with potential buyers in the UK.

Additional benefits from the formation of SEERRIN will also be felt by the national railways in the region, government agencies in chare of standards and safety of the railway system and owners and investors of industrial railways lines, private railway operators, etc. as through a series of seminars, conferences and practical trainings the BCRRE experts with wealth of worldwide experience will transfer their knowledge, experiences and advices for rational, efficient and sustainable management of railway infrastructure and rolling stock and use of modern technologies that are currently underutilized in the SEE region, and would be of great use.

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